Judith Cutler

Power Shift

Kate's been promoted to inspector, as those of you who've read Hidden Power will recall. So she can't stay on in the CID. Police policy is that any promotion must be followed by at least six months in uniform, so Kate goes to run her own small nick.

It's never easy, taking command of people who could do the job at least as well as you, so Kate aims to tread softly. But she's forced into exerting her authority. Absenteeism is rife and she meets unexpected resistance to even her most reasonable demands. Just when she might be winning, gastric flu knocks over her colleagues like nine-pins. She knows that's genuine: she succumbs herself. But there's no time to retire to bed, because she's found what seems to be a sex slave smuggled in from Eastern Europe.

How will she cope? Read on, and find out…



Joffe Books


24 May 2023


Most imaginative… dashingly plotted.
Times Crime Supplement

Judith Cutler's Brum-based crime novels are a hit.
Crime Time