Judith Cutler

Murder By Arson (previously Power Games)

Kate joins a Major Incident Team, an elite group called in to investigate what appears to be a simple case of death by misadventure - but it isn't, of course.

Kate happens to play at a tennis centre very like one I used to go to, and comes across a corpse in the shower. She also gets involved with areas of old Birmingham under attack from unscrupulous developers. I visited one such site on one of local historian Peter Leather's guided tours of the city - the Lodge, at Birmingham Reservoir.

Happily this lovely building has been preserved, as has what I found under my garden shed. No, I didn't find what Kate did: I found a 1919 gas cooker, now in a private collection.



Joffe Books


24 May 2023


A pacy, puzzling page-turner
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