Judith Cutler

Guilt Trip

Occasionally when something happens to an author in real life it spills over into the book he or she is writing. In some cases, more than occasionally!

This novel, apart from dealing with some very nasty crime, follows Griff's trials and tribulations and the way he and Lina deal with them. No, it wasn't me having investigations for a mysterious and life-threatening complaint, but someone very dear and very close to me. Fortunately he wasn't in denial (or anything like as touchy as dear Griff) - and the good news is that he bounced back to health like a tennis ball, far fuller of energy than before. But it was a horribly traumatic time, and it all kicked off just as I started writing Guilt Trip, so it was inevitable that parts of the book are darker than usual.

What happened to Griff? I'm afraid you'll have to wait till the next novel to see how he gets on - watch this space.



Severn House Publishers Ltd


26 January 2012


Gentle humor and deft plotting make Lina's sixth outing a treat.
Kirkus Reviews