Judith Cutler

Drawing the Line

My second stand-alone novel for Allison and Busby arose out of my love of antiques and conversations amongst some of my friends in the trade. Alan Miller, of Applecross Antiques, was particularly helpful, so I dedicated the book to him.

Drawing The Line is the story of Lina Townend's search for her father. Lina (short for Evelina), in care almost all her life, has finally found a congenial home with Griff, an elderly antiques dealer, to whom she's informally apprenticed.

It is always a delight to have a new Judith Cutler book, as her easy style of writing has an immediacy that puts the reader directly in touch with her scenes and characters Bernard Knight

Their life together is perfect, but for her nagging desire to find who she really is. When she comes across a page from a sixteenth century book, a memory of her childhood flares up, starting her on her quest, much against Griff's will.

When both of them are violently attacked, it seems Griff's worst fears are justified. But Lina persists, of course, eventually finding - well, would you want her father in your family?



Allison & Busby


31 October 2015


A tour de force
Good Book Guide

Thoroughly sharp, modern, witty, and literate
Margaret Yorke