Judith Cutler

No Harm Done (previously Burying the Past)

Like the others in the series (this is the fourth) this is set in Kent. Since I no longer live there, I've relied on input from good friends like Amy Myers (have you read her books yet?) and a brilliant fan, Steph Richardson. Thanks to them both. And thanks to the late Bill Baker of Bossingham, a dear friend who has a walk-in part in the novel as himself in a different village. And more thanks to my lovely step-children Helena and Conrad for providing the most wonderful grandchildren; they are delightful in their own right and nothing like the monsters Mark managed to spawn.

Now consider the things you don't want to find in your bean row or in your loft. This novel is about them.



Joffe Books


5 June 2024


In Cutler's engaging fourth mystery featuring Det. Chief Supt. Fran Harman of the Kent CID making a welcome appearance is antique dealer Lina Townend, the lead of one of Cutler's other series.
Publishers Weekly