Judith Cutler

Dying For Millions

Rock musician Andy Rivers has hordes of adoring fans and campaigns for one good cause after another. So why would anyone want him dead? It begins harmlessly enough: mild vandalism, funeral flowers left on the bonnet of his car, but suddenly it becomes clear that Andy's persecutor is deadly serious

I always had a soft spot for Andy Rivers, who featured in an early, unpublished novel. He's come to Birmingham to give his very last pop concert before giving up the music business and devoting himself full-time to Third World charities. Of course, he meets up with Sophie, putting her life at risk, and not for the first time, either (see Dying to Score).

While I was researching this I spent one of the coldest nights of the winter on the tarmac at Coventry Airport, having set off all their alarms by leaving my car keys in my pocket…



Piatkus Books


27 November 1997


One of the most appealing newcomers on the crime fiction scene for years.
Birmingham Post

…a hit.
Crime Time